World Cup woes

Monday, 18 January 2021



World Cup woes

Swapnil Bharali | June 15, 2019 15:20 hrs

The first thing one would think of when it comes to the Cricket World Cup is the nagging, persistent and incessant rains especially because India is the clear favourite to win the Cup and has performed in its opening two matches as the champion designate. That it had to split a point with New Zealand and not collect the full points by beating them was woeful enough. Statistically speaking though, India has never beaten New Zealand in a world cup match held in England, but that is besides the point here.

The rains however are just the starting point of the woes for the self-respecting Indian cricket fan. Earlier during the India VS Australia match, when the sun shone bright, we had to contend with a new variety of woe: the ungainly sight of one Indian fan and the manner of displaying his revelry while supposedly “enjoying” the heroics of his team. WhatsApp went ablaze when the Indian fan dressed in a full tri-colour costume complete with a Tiranga turban had the impudence to actually get himself video-taped displaying his genitals and urinating sitting right in the stands, thereafter covering himself up and then getting on his feet to cheer the Indian team with a smug sneer on his face. Woeful sight and woeful sense of nationalistic fervour!

Another video showed an Indian fan dressed in the Indian team jersey, holding the Tricolour in his hand, sitting astride a Kangaroo furry and continuously pummelling it (in an apparent metaphor of the Indian team on way to victory over Australia). It made for a disgusting sight that amounted to virtual disrespect of the hard work of the Indian cricket team.

In contrast were the Japanese football fans and their behaviour in the last FIFA World Cup despite their country’s loss! They actually took the trouble of cleaning up their trash from the stands that they occupied and it gave the world a deep insight into what a truly cultured and civilized race was all about. The actions of the two Indian fans mentioned above certainly do not represent the entire Indian fraternity and fan behaviour but the same actions have brought shame and a sense of disgust to the entire country. The two would be well advised to behave themselves next time round; the world has already seen their woeful upbringing!

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